Roulette for Beginners

Beginners are invited to try their luck and place their bets on the roulette table without worrying too much about learning the whole process, it will come along.Roulette for beginners

Basically, you should know that it’s very hard to predict the slot where the ball falls after the roulette wheel stops and that payouts are granted according to the winning combinations.
First of all, the players carry on placing their bets on the roulette table until the croupier declares there are no more bets to be done. The wheel is spun and the ball is thrown into the spinning wheel. Finally, the wheel comes to a resting point and the balls falls on winning numbers, followed by paying out the winning wagers.

Roulette Wheel

As to the roulette wheel structure, it contains 37 slots (in case of the European roulette) or 38 slots (in case of the American roulette) designated by numbers from 1 to 37/38 colored black and red, except for zero and double zero slots, colored green. The numbers and the colors do not appear consecutively on the wheel but alternate pairs of odd and even numbers with red and black. During the spin, the ball is supposed to hit a slot containing a certain number defining the final payouts.

The Table

Besides the roulette wheel there is also the roulette table where bets are placed before the actual cycle of the wheel. Make sure you understand the way numbers are arranged to be able to place correct bets and prosper in your plans to win. The 36 numbers are organized in three equal columns surrounded by other possible types of bets, for example even/odd bets and black/red bets.

Take your time to consider your bets before making the final choice and also take advantage of the possibility to reset all your bets with a simple click.

Play Safe

Do not worry about which casino you choose from the ones recommended by our website, because their software is safe, customer service is prompt and transactions are secure.
It might seem difficult at first but operating your financial account is quite easy (depositing and withdrawing money). Transactions are based on the latest encryption technology. Several methods of payment are available at your leisure, such as credit card, bank transfer, Neteller or moneybookers, accessible from any location.

As a beginner, you must never neglect the golden rule: stay calm and bet only on what you can really afford. After all, it is only a game; it can be exciting but also disappointing sometimes. A relaxing attitude would help you focus on the fun part.
We wish you good luck and an excellent start in your online roulette adventure journey!

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